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A Beautiful Stroll: 5 Walkway Design Ideas to Make Guests Feel at Home

Walkways are often overlooked as a place to improve design, but they can really boost a home’s curb appeal and make guests want to linger and admire. And whether you’re thinking about resale value or just making that walkway more welcome, here are just 5 great walkway design ideas that can make just walking around your home a real treat. (For even more personalized ideas, contact AllGreen Landscape Co. at (703) 992-8787 for a personal consultation.)

1. Highlight Your Walkway with Light

One major curb appeal boost for your walkway, particularly at night and in the darker months of the year, is to simply consider how you can light the walkway. This can be both for security and safety reasons, sure—but there are many clever walkway design ideas that incorporate light as part of the design to actually enhance the aesthetic quality of the walkway as well.

2. Use Geometry to set off the Landscaping

Nature seldom grows in a straight line, but depending on the effect you’re going for, you could incorporate straight lines or natural curves to design your walkway. If you’ve currently got a straight cement walkway from the driveway to the front door, consider adding a curve that winds through some planters or around a tree to highlight the natural beauty of your yard. If your home is set off by angles and modern design, you can incorporate more linear, geometrical walkway design ideas into your plan.

3. Pave the Way with Color and Texture

There are so many ways to add pops of color, texture and design to your walkway these days that you don’t need to confine yourself to a plain old gray concrete walkway anymore. Our walkway design company uses a variety of pavers, natural stones, bricks and other materials that show off a variety of colors and textures that will create real interest and fun for your walkway. Just make sure to keep winter and wet-weather traction and snow removal in mind, as some materials are less adapted to those conditions than others.

Take a look at these ideas and see how you might incorporate them into your walkway design:


4. Line the Walkway with Nature

One of the ways AllGreen Landscape Co. excels among all of the walkway design companies in Chantilly, VA is with our knowledge of the native plants of Northern Virginia, drought-resistant plants and water-conserving systems that can transform your walkway into a nature walk that produces interesting colors and textures throughout the year and not just for a brief spurt in spring. Consider adding shade trees, flowering shrubs and benches where you and guests can sit outside and enjoy your walkway.

5. Covered Walkways for a Unique Touch

Consider if some of your walkways might benefit from cover in the way of trellises with climbing roses or other colorful vines. Trees can provide some cover to walkways naturally as well, as can a host of hardscape options that can serve you and your guests well in rainy and wintery weather.

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