Enjoy Your Yard All Year: 5 Landscape Design Ideas for Northern Virginia

Enjoy Your Yard All Year: 5 Landscape Design Ideas for Northern Virginia

We all know that Northern Virginia has a great summer backyard season from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Unfortunately, this golden season lasts for only about three months before everyone migrates back inside for the other nine. But AllGreen Landscape Company has some amazing year-round landscape design ideas that will have you, your family and friends hanging out in the garden even after all the leaves have fallen. Not only will this help you get the most out of your yard, it will boost the value of your home if you ever want to sell it. What’s more, if you’re looking for environmentally-friendly landscape design companies in Chantilly, VA, AllGreen can help you get an amazing, year-round yard using all green techniques, plants and watering systems. Check out these 5 ideas and consider which might best fit in your yard:

1. Install an Outdoor Fireplace or Fire Pit in Your Yard

There are hundreds of possible ways to incorporate a fire pit or outdoor fireplace into your yard, with beautiful stone elements that hold and radiate warmth and keep your yard safe. The great thing about fire pits and outdoor fireplaces is that they serve two purposes at once:

  • Warmth—Whether you’re out roasting hot dogs in the summer to avoid heating up the kitchen, or you’re sharing hot cider with friends on Halloween, an outdoor fireplace or fire pit keeps the warmth right where you want it, regardless of the season.
  • Light—These elements bring light to the backyard as well as warmth, so ask your landscape design company for tips on where the best location for a fire pit or outdoor fireplace would be in your yard. This extra yard lighting is especially welcoming in the colder, darker months.

2. Create an Outdoor Kitchen or Bar

Increase the value of that fire pit or outdoor fireplace by incorporating it into a full outdoor kitchen area that you can use to entertain guests well into the cooler months. In fact, many homeowners are considering these areas natural extensions to the fire pit they may have added a couple of years earlier. An extended outdoor kitchen or bar gives you more flexibility to extend the party outdoors regardless of the time of year.

3. Add Landscape Lighting Design to the Mix

To make your backyard continue working past pool season, you’ll need to think about how, where and what sort of lighting to install around the yard. As a safety and security matter, lighting is one of the most essential landscape design ideas you can focus on. Your landscape design company can survey your yard and work with you on a lighting plan that will provide beautiful design and illumination using minimal energy or solar energy as its base.

4. All-Season Plants for Color around the Calendar

Of course, one of the major points to being in the garden or yard is to enjoy nature. At AllGreen Landscape Co., this is one of our favorite aspects of landscape design. We can help you choose gorgeous, colorful plants with interesting designs and textures that can beautify the yard and stun visitors, even in the dead of winter. We have developed green watering systems that greatly conserve water, as well as hardy, native plant species that can withstand drought and are evolved to thrive in our Northern Virginia climate. As one of the few truly green landscape design companies in Chantilly, VA we can help you design a yard landscape that satisfies the need for year-round beauty and environmental friendliness.

5. Get Interesting Cover with Hardscape

Whether you add trellises, benches or covered structures for your outdoor kitchen or fire pit like a covered eating area or gazebo, these elements will add both visual interest and weather protection any time of the year -- whether you need some shade in the dog days of August or want to have a little February BBQ.

To re-imagine your backyard so you can use it in the winter, spring summer and fall, contact AllGreen Landscape Company in Chantilly, VA at (703) 992-8787 to schedule a consultation today.

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