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Now, more than ever, homeowners want their outdoor living space to be just as comfortable and functional as their indoor spaces. Naturally, one needs to take the elements into consideration when designing, but with the right design and materials, you can bring your life outdoors more often and more comfortably than ever before. If your heart longs to lounge in an outdoor living room, entertain in an outdoor dining room or play chef in an outdoor kitchen, contact AllGreen Landscape Co., your outdoor living landscaper in Chantilly for beautiful, functional outdoor living space ideas that will bring the entire family outdoors.

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For almost two decades, we have been creating outdoor living spaces that homeowners love to spend time in. We focus on finding local materials wherever possible, using environmentally-friendly and sustainable methods, as well as planting Northern Virginia native, drought-hardy plants that reduce water waste. Our clients know that we listen closely to their needs and that we love to work on creative, beautiful projects that they can truly be proud of and want to show off to their neighbors and friends; as well as outdoor living spaces where they can just spend quiet time relaxing in nature. That’s how we became the outdoor living contractor Chantilly homeowners have come to rely on over the years. If you have some ideas you’d like to try, or want to create an outdoor living area, but need ideas, just contact us! We are here to help!

Outdoor Living Space Ideas 


Here in Northern Virginia, we are lucky to have beautiful seasons and scenery that make outdoor living a dream, even during a hot, humid summer. In fact, with the right outdoor living space ideas and design, we can turn down the heat and turn up the comfort level considerably during the summer. And we can have you outside earlier in the spring and later in the fall with warming outdoor kitchens, firepits and more. And with the right plantings, you can have enthralling color and texture in your yard, even in the dead of winter. As an experienced Northern Virginia outdoor living builder, we know it’s all about making the most of your space and thinking creatively to make it beautiful. Here are some of the outdoor living ideas you might want to consider for your home: 

Outdoor Kitchens

outdoor kitchen design

Outdoor kitchens are one of the most popular projects our clients ask us about, and they are some of our favorite projects to work on. Nothing brings people outside like a fresh-cooked meal made right outside on a deluxe grill, cooktop or brick oven. Specialized outdoor cabinetry, refrigerators and coolers and prep surfaces bring it all together and make cooking outside a dream come true. It’s a great way to keep the heat down in the house in the summer, and it pairs perfectly with an outdoor dining room where you can entertain guests or gather the family as the stars come out at night. 

Outdoor kitchens are becoming a popular addition to your outdoor living space. Outdoor kitchens offer a place where you can gather with friends and family and have endless fun while eating and cooking in your backyard. AllGreen Landscape Company has professional contractors who can transform your backyard into a wonderful outdoor living space fully equipped with grills, refrigerator, TV, cooktops and more.

Outdoor Dining Rooms

Speaking of outdoor dining rooms, as Chantilly outdoor living landscapers, this is another of our top requests from local homeowners. There’s nothing like enjoying a meal with friends or family outside in a fully-designed, elegant and comfortable dining area. It’s important to consider your lifestyle and entertaining habits when designing your outdoor dining room. If you like to entertain, devote a larger area that can comfortably accommodate a large outdoor dining table and chairs, or even have other nooks with seats and smaller tables for a cozier experience. Add sturdy, but classic hardscape like a light-bedecked gazebo or pergola, and consider planters and water features can really lend a classic touch to your outdoor dining room experience as well. 

More Ideas from Your Outdoor Living Landscaper

patio fireplace kitchen

Although outdoor kitchens and dining rooms are incredibly popular projects, there are several other ways to create outdoor living spaces that can expand the time you spend and the activities you enjoy outdoors. It’s all about considering your lifestyle and what you and your family most enjoy doing, and how you can expand that lifestyle to the outdoors.

Outdoor Living Rooms

Outdoor living rooms are also becoming more and more popular, and homeowners are looking for even more functionality and comfort here than ever before. This is especially true as more people are working from home and taking their work and leisure outside for some fresh air. You should select an outdoor living space contractor with the experience necessary to help you create a space where you can enjoy the outdoors, even if “weather” occurs. Some outdoor living room ideas include areas that protect you from excess wind or precipitation as you read, study, work, exercise or nap, along with refreshing water features that provide a cool, relaxing splash on a hot day. We can expand the wellness benefits of being in nature to your outdoor living room by creating “living walls” of biophilic design that makes nature an integral part of your outdoor living experience. 

An outdoor living room is the perfect addition to any home and is the best way to enjoy your outdoor living space throughout the year. Outdoor rooms, pergolas, terraces, raised decks and gazebos are becoming increasingly popular with families who enjoy entertaining and eating outside. AllGreen specializes in constructing great outdoor living spaces. Call for a free estimate.

Patio Upgrades

stone patio design

We can significantly improve upon bare concrete slab patios and take your patio to a whole other echelon of beauty and functionality. We can expand it with flagstone, brick and other colorful stones designed to draw the eye to interesting mosaic designs. Our Chantilly outdoor living landscapers can also add fire pits or water features, comfortable, yet weather-hardy patio furnishings and pergolas, depending on what your goals for the patio design are! 

Interested in entertaining your friends and family? Add a patio to your backyard. Not only will it increase your outdoor living space, it will give you another area of your yard to enjoy. The best benefit of all – added value to your property!

Our team of outdoor living landscapers at AllGreen Landscape Company are eager to work with you on your unique outdoor living project. Please take a look through our  to get some ideas, or just  today to set up a personalized consultation about your outdoor living design ideas today: 703-992-8787.

We Construct The Following Kinds of Patios:

  • Flagstone Patio
  • Stone Patio
  •  Brick Patio
  • And more

Fire Pits


Fire pits are becoming the landscaping idea that every homeowner wants to have, regardless of the shape and size of your backyard. A fire pit can significantly expand the amount of time you want to spend outdoors. It warms early spring and late fall evenings. It gives you a place for “family campfires” and roasting marshmallows. They come in a wider range of sizes and shapes than ever before, with everything from simple brick circles to long rectangles where people can cook over a fire together. 

A fire pit is a great landscaping idea for your backyard if you do not have one already. Nothing beats the feeling of sitting around a brick fire pit on a winter evening, sipping hot beverages and talking endlessly! A fire pit can be constructed in various shapes and sizes. From small stone pits to large, elaborate structures, AllGreen can build a fire pit that suits the architecture of your home, while keeping your specifications in mind.

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Our team of outdoor living landscapers at AllGreen Landscape Company are eager to work with you on your unique outdoor living project. Please take a look through our outdoor living design portfolio to get some ideas, or just contact our outdoor living space contractor today to set up a personalized consultation about your outdoor living design ideas today: 703-992-8787.

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