5 Outdoor Living Design Ideas

Go Outside: 5 Outdoor Living Design Ideas You Need Today

Scientific studies across the world have verified a major fact that most of us have long suspected: being outside makes you happier and healthier. Taking a walk in nature can decrease depression and anxiety, improve memory, boost energy levels, help you de-stress and even lower blood pressure. So consider these outdoor living design ideas a contribution to you and your family’s good health. And contact AllGreen Landscape Company, your Northern Virginia outdoor living builder, for tips on making your backyard your own oasis of joy in a rapidly changing world.

1. Patio Upgrade

Consider moving up from your bare concrete patio to something that gives you more room to relax and enjoy the outdoors in a beautiful way. If you’re dissatisfied with your current patio, call AllGreen  outdoor living contractor for a consultation at (703) 992-8787. Here are some options you might consider including:

  • If you live on a slope and there isn’t much room, consider adding to your flat space with a retaining wall that will allow your patio to expand.
  • If you can add a pool or hot tub area, why not do it?
  • Add trellises or a frame with beams to grow climbing plants to create a natural shade area.
  • Add terraced planters that bring more greenery and flowers to your patio area.
  • Place benches in particularly beautiful spots in the garden for reading or reflection.
  • Hang hammocks between established trees for lazy afternoons.
  • Design an open-air gazebo or structure where you can have weather-protected time outdoors without the confinement of walls. Decorate liberally with local plants and vines.
  • Add a focal point like a fountain, pond or…

2. Fire Pit or Outdoor Fireplace

One way to really bring your family and friends outdoors, even after the sun sets and into the cooler months is to build a fire pit or outdoor fireplace into your yard. It can be a focal point that brings warmth and light and makes summer parties, roasting marshmallows and chatting with friends into the wee hours under the stars a delight throughout the year.

3. Outdoor Living Room

You can incorporate any of these ideas – the trellises, the fire pits, etc. into a full-blown outdoor living room with the right weather protection. Cozy patio furniture that allows for plenty of comfort and lounging in fresh air, sunlight and with beautiful plants and stones in gorgeous designs is just the RX Mother Nature ordered for you.

Take a look at these ideas and see how you might incorporate them into your outdoor living area design:


4. Outdoor Kitchen

If you love entertaining, or would rather cook outside instead of heating up the kitchen in the middle of summer—or would like to spend time eating outdoors even into the cooler months, why not install an outdoor kitchen, bar and/or dining area? Imagine a cozy cocktail or dinner party out under the stars where you aren’t constantly going in and out to fetch reinforcements—everything is right where you need it.

5. Glorious Gardens

Of course, one of the major points that has been brought out in many of the scientific studies about how being outside improves our overall health is that fresh air, trees and plants somehow make us feel deeply well. When talking with outdoor living design companies in Chantilly, VA, ask them if they know which plants and trees really work well in our area for long-term, trouble-free, gorgeous green growth. AllGreen Landscape Company specializes in native, drought-resistant plants and environmentally responsible, water-conserving systems that can turn your outdoor living design ideas into full bloom for many years.

Contact your outdoor living builder today at (703) 992-8787 and we can come out and consult with you on ways to turn your backyard into an outdoor living dream come true.

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