Patio Landscaping Ideas: 5 Ways to Go from Dull to Deluxe

Patio Landscaping Ideas: 5 Ways to Go from Dull to Deluxe

For too long, the lowly patio has been a simple slab in the backyard, too little enjoyed by families and friends. But its potential is so much greater, both in terms of enjoyment levels and re-sale value. And since we are living through a real renaissance of patio design that is making this humble area behind the home into a nearby outdoor retreat and entertaining area, it’s time to ask yourself—what patio landscaping ideas do I want in my backyard? For a personal consultation, AllGreen Landscape Company, your Northern Virginia patio landscaping design contractor, is ready to help you at (703) 992-8787.

Take a look at these ideas and see how you might incorporate them into your patio design:

patio landscaping ideas

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1. A Private Garden for Your Patio

If one of the reasons you’ve avoided the patio for too long is that you feel it doesn’t provide enough privacy from the neighbors, consider surrounding it with local shrubs and trees to create a beautiful natural screen from prying eyes. Compared with other patio landscaping design companies in Chantilly, VA, AllGreen Landscape Company specializes in creating natural, plant-based screens that conserve water and enhance your entire patio area. We can suggest plants that provide screening with color and texture in your patio area all year round.

2. Patio Stone Art

Some of our favorite patio landscaping ideas veer away from the dull concrete slab and wander into colorful stone walkways laid in interesting patterns that catch the eye and enhance the very patio itself. You can incorporate stones in various colors, shapes and sizes to create stunning texture and movement all along the patio.

3. Add a Patio Focal Point

Consider adding an element to your patio landscape that brings people together and makes them feel welcome. A stone fountain or pond, a central fire pit with patio furniture arranged for maximum mingling and relaxation. Maybe even an outdoor fireplace. Perhaps a pool? These elements create serene spaces for relaxation, or excellent spots for entertaining and socializing.

4. Make Your Patio an Outdoor Kitchen

If you’re really into entertaining and having friends and family over for a meal or a party in the back yard, why not turn your patio into an outdoor kitchen and dining area? When looking for patio landscaping design companies in Chantilly, be sure to ask them if they have experience installing the necessary components of an outdoor kitchen safely so that you can get the most out of your patio landscaping design ideas. It’s certainly a fun patio upgrade that many people are looking into for a host of practical and fun reasons, and it can boost the resale value of your home as well.

5. Turn Your Patio into an Outdoor Living Room

If you’re more into creating a beautiful outdoor lounging area where you can read, relax, chat or just enjoy your backyard landscaping scenery, our patio landscaping design company can help you create just the space for peace, quiet and reflection that you need. From covered areas with weather-friendly furniture to focal points like plants, trellises and fire pits to help you enjoy your outdoor living room even after the sun goes down, AllGreen Landscape Company can work with you to create your ideal outdoor living space, right in your own backyard.

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