5 Retaining Wall Design Ideas to Beautify a Sloped Landscape

5 Retaining Wall Design Ideas to Beautify a Sloped Landscape

If you live on, or are building on sloping landscape here in Northern Virginia, you know how essential retaining walls are to holding some of that landscape in place against erosion and creating flat spaces that you can actually use. But retaining walls don’t just have to hold back the land. AllGreen Landscape Company is a retaining wall design company that has a multitude of great ideas that turn this workhorse into a thing of beauty that will boost the value of your home and yard while durably doing what it was meant to do.

Important note about retaining wall design companies in Chantilly, VA:

It’s important to work only with a retaining wall design company with experience in building this critical landscape and structural investment. While they can add wonderful aesthetic features to your landscaping, the bottom line is that retaining walls are a long-term investment that must be engineered to successfully restrain the earth and water they were designed to hold back, otherwise the walls will fail and the results can be damaging and expensive to fix.

There are several engineering aspects to these walls, particularly if they need to be over 4 feet high. When retaining walls are 4 feet high and higher, you may also require a building permit and other engineering information. A drainage system also needs to be part of the plan, regardless of height. AllGreen Landscape Company has extensive experience in engineering durable, lasting retaining walls that also look great within your landscaping scheme.

With that in mind, take a look at these 5 retaining wall design ideas, but keep in mind that we have so many more than this, so just contact us for a personal consultation for your yard at (703) 992-8787.

Take a look at these ideas and see how you might incorporate them into your retaining wall design:


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1. Create a Patio Where Once Was None

Many homes in Northern Virginia have a slope that makes it difficult to enjoy the outdoors comfortably with a decent patio where you could have a fire pit, BBQ or host a party. You can use a retaining wall to extend the flat space in the yard to make this possible. The key is to come up with a good design together with your retaining wall contractor so that you get a design that will last for a very long time and accommodate your lifestyle.

2. Consider the Materials

You can use different materials in your retaining wall to create just the design effect you’re looking for. At AllGreen Landscape Company, we can provide the following options:

  • Block
  • Brick
  • Concrete
  • Keystone
  • RockStone

With just these six materials, as your landscape retaining wall contractor there are hundreds of possible retaining wall design ideas you could use, depending on your tastes and the height and strength of the wall you need. Color, texture and shape variations are available with all of these materials options.

3. Retaining Wall Shapes

Many times, you can also get creative with the shape of your retaining wall, particularly if you are trying to honor the design of the underlying landscape along with your design for your yard. If you like straight angles and lines, that’s always a definite possibility. But also consider curves and waves in your design. Scalloped patterns can work in some landscapes and with some materials as well. There’s always room to be creative, even with something as workhorse-like as a retaining wall.

4. Adding Other Elements to a Retaining Wall

There are some really amazing retaining wall ideas out there, so if you’re making this investment now, consider adding stunning elements like a fire pit to the top level of your retaining wall as a centerpiece to your patio. Some retaining walls use the necessary drainage elements to create water features. Bottom levels could be used for growing and harvesting food, as long as the sunlight in that area is good. If you have some creative ideas you’d like to add to your retaining wall, just ask us. We can help!

5. Terraced Retaining Walls

If you have a particularly hefty slope to deal with, terracing your retaining wall is a good option that distributes the weight of the earth more evenly and less stressfully on more retaining wall elements than just a really big retaining wall. You can use each section of terrace for stunning plants and other elements as well.

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