Spring Lawn Care Tips

6 Spring Lawn Care Tips for a Gorgeous Lawn

As spring (finally) descends upon Chantilly, lawn care is top of mind for many homeowners. The first hint of green is peeking through the browns of winter, and it’s a joyful sight. But cultivating a fresh, green, healthy lawn that looks amazing for the rest of the year isn’t always as simple as a regular mow. There are important lawn care tips you need to follow each spring to create the best conditions for your grass to thrive. Instead of going it alone, get your Chantilly lawncare experts at AllGreen Landscape Co. on board to feed, mow and care for your lawn so you can enjoy it all year, stress-free: (703) 992-8787.

We can help you keep up with the following 6 essentials to having your most gorgeous lawn ever this year:

1. Use a Slow-Release Fertilizer

Spring is a critical time to fertilize lawns in Northern Virginia, whether they are cold-weather hardy or warm-weather lawns. Fertilizer will replenish depleted levels of potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen that your lawn and the underlying soil need for strong, healthy growth. Consider it the vitamins your lawn needs to stay healthy, especially at this time of the year when it’s starting to come out of “hibernation” and needs some extra nutrients to get growing again. A slow-release fertilizer will help provide a steady flow of nutrients to the lawn’s root system. At AllGreen Landscape Co., we use a variety of eco-friendly, organic, slow-release fertilizers than can get the job done beautifully.

2. Stop Weeds Before They Start

In addition to a spring fertilizer application, we can also apply a pre-emergent weed control agent that stops the growth of any weeds or crabgrass in your lawn. Nipping these unwelcome interlopers in the bud before they have a chance to sprout can ensure that your lawn itself uses all the nutrients from the fertilizer and water for its own beautiful, green purposes.

3. Let Your Lawn Breathe: Aeration

Lawn aeration is a critical step to preparing your lawn for a healthy spring and summer. If you didn’t have it done in the fall (another good time to have it done), you can do it in the spring too. The process of aeration pokes holes in the soil, creating more spaces for water, oxygen and fertilizer to penetrate to the roots underneath. This process gives your lawn a kickstart in the spring. Large aeration tools can be expensive, and smaller ones can be time consuming, so ask your Chantilly lawn care service to take care of this spring lawn care essential.

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4. Water the Lawn

When dealing with lawn fertilizer and pre-emergent weed control and aeration, you have to get the lawn watering timing just right. You don’t want to heavily water your lawn just before or after a fertilizer application, otherwise it will just wash away all that invested time and money. Double check the weather and make sure that it’ll be mostly dry (or just lightly damp) for a couple of days before and after a fertilizer application. Keep in mind that the fertilizer needs some moisture to break down into the soil, so keeping the grass damp, but not sopping will help you get the moisture levels just right. AllGreen Landscape Co. can also help you with timing your sprinklers for the most optimal time of day and the right amount of water.

5. Balance the pH Levels with Lime

Northern Virginia soils can be quite acidic—often a little too acidic for a healthy lawn. While the average pH levels here run around 5.0, most grasses used for lawns prefer something closer to 6.5 pH, which is just a smidge more acidic than neutral (7.0). If the soil is too acidic, it can be harder for the grasses to access nutrients from the soil. We can test your soil pH levels and determine whether an application of lime is a good idea to balance the acidity and get it to a level where your lawn can properly thrive.

6. Consider Compost

AllGreen Landscape Co. champions environmentally safe and sustainable lawn care methods, including composting. A top-dress of compost applied to your lawn in the spring not only provides extra nutrients to the grass, it actually improves the texture of your soil over the long term, making it easier for the grass to access water, nutrients and oxygen for healthy, natural growth. Not only that, but composting actually reduces a lawn’s dependence on extra fertilizer and weed control by helping your soil composition do this naturally.

Spring Lawn Care Services in Chantilly

If all this seems like a lot of work to maintain your lawn and make it healthy, you’re right. It can be a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to be a lot of work for you personally! Contact AllGreen Landscape Co. in Chantilly to get our Northern Virginia lawn care experts on board to take care of these and other important landscaping and yard maintenance tasks for this spring and upcoming summer: (703) 992-8787.

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